Call Recording and Quality Management Suite

BrZeeRec is a PCI complaint IP based call recording solution with quality management suite. The product scales from small business to distributed contact centre architecture. The web interface with role based security helps in provisioning and monitoring the solution. The quality management suite is easy to use and provides comprehensive reports to evaluate advisor and group performance.

Call Recording

BrZeeRec supports g711, g729a audio codecs. It provides flexibility to exclude calls from recording based on ANI / DNIS and record specific calls matching the user data. The number of recordings can be limited by configuring a recording intent with required percentage or number of calls. It provides easy to search web interface and extensive reports to filter recordings. (Exemplary, poor quality, on-demand calls etc.)

Advisor can request for on-demand recording at any point while on call. It can produce output audio in various formats like .wav, .au and .mp3.

Advisor Screen Recording

Screen Recording is quite important to understand the advisor behaviour and to check whether advisor is using given tools and internal systems to assist the caller effectively.

Screen recording together with audio helps in having complete picture of the interaction and the same can be used for training purposes. The play back module of BrZeeRec synchronises the call and screen recording to get full view of the interaction.

Quality Management Suite

Contact Centre Quality Management Suite provides ability to playback recordings, evaluate an advisor / group performance and analyse trends to identify training needs.

The supervisor can create questionnaire, assessment sheet and publish the same to assessors using easy-to-use user interface.

Evaluations can be stored in the form of score card and the same can be emailed to supervisor for review.