BrZee Functional Testing Services are well structured and easily adaptable. It introduces testing early in the software development life cycle (SDLC) to identify defects at the outset. Our professionals are certified in relevant software quality standards and have proven track record in implementation and delivery.

BrZee offers automation testing services using open source and commercial testing tools. We extensively uses open source applications / products to address customer objectives. BrZee has extensive experience in Integration of Test Management Tools for managing the entire test life cycle through a centralized system in a heterogeneous environment. Integrated Test Management provides bi-directional information and command/control to various tools from multiple vendors that make up the testing infrastructure. Our Performance testing services ensures that applications meet the behavioral requirements of perspective users before deployment.

Our independent verification and validation services ensure that your contact centre works as it should, ensuring your organization finds any problems before they affect your customers.

Call handling for inbound and outbound calls, call transfers, conference calls, agent status management.

Voice quality and voice recognition effectiveness IVR testing, including menu navigation, DTMF and voice testing, voice recordings and call logs.

Data accuracy testing at desktop (via CTI) and for data exchange (IVR / interaction applications).

Validation of call routing logic.

Single user and multiple user load testing.

Testing of end-to-end business processes, including external application integration.

Reports testing to validate formats and data.

Domain-Specific Services

Generic Testing Services

Specicalized Testing Services

Strategic Test Consulting